Welcome to the Juncker Lab


The future of biological and biomedical research is small in scale, but immense in impact. Our group of passionate researchers is primarily affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Department. We explore the integration of biology and medicine by engineering novel micro and nanotechnologies for manipulating and studying cells, tissues and biomolecules. Our research is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary. Our team of research associates, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students are from all areas of science and engineering. For more information on our current projects, please visit our Research Projects page, and to join our group, check current openings on the Join Us page or Contact Us! We're happy to receive inquiries about openings, volunteering, or questions about our research

Our research interests are broad and interdisciplinary. Some of our current projects include autonomous microfluidic circuits, circulating tumour cell and single exosome detection, cell and protein patterning, small molecule detection, and low-cost global health platforms. 

Check out our current openings on the Join Us page.