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69. H. Li, S. Bergeron, H. Larkin, and D. Juncker, Snap Chip for Cross-reactivity-free and Spotter-free Multiplexed Sandwich Immunoassays, Journal of Visualized Experiments, e56230 (2017). PDF

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66. A.A. Gopal, S.G. Ricoult, S.N. Harris, D. Juncker, T.E. Kennedy, and P.W. Wiseman, Spatially Selective Dissection of Signal Transduction in Neurons Grown on Netrin-1 Printed Nanoarrays via Segmented Fluorescence Fluctuation Analysis, ACS Nano, 11, 8131-8143 (2017).  PDF | SI

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63. J.A. Hernández-Castro,  K. Li,  A. Meunier,  D. Juncker, and T. Veres, Fabrication of large-area polymer microfilter membranes and their application for particle and cell enrichment, Lab Chip, 2017, 17, 1960-1969. PDF | SI

62. H. Li, R. Popp, M. Chen, E.M. MacNamara, D. Juncker, and C.H. Borchers, Bead-Extractor Assisted Ready-to-use reagent System (BEARS) for immunoprecipitation coupled to MALDI-MS, Analytical Chemistry, 2017, 89, 3834-3839. PDF


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Featured on the inside front cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials volume 4, issue 14.

53. E. W. Tekwa, D. Nguyen, D. Juncker, M. Loreau, and A. Gonzalez. Patchiness in a Microhabitat Chip Affects Evolutionary Dynamics of Bacterial Cooperation. Lab on a Chip, 15, 3723-3729 (2015).

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47. G. Zhou, S. Bergeron, and D. Juncker. High Performance Low-Cost Antibody Microarrays Using Enzyme Mediated Silver Amplification. Journal of Proteome Research, 14 (2015).
Featured on GenomeWeb: McGill Team Describes Novel, Antibody Array Method for Lower-cost Protein Detection

46. H. N. Roman, D. Juncker, and A.-M. Lauzon. A Microfluidic Chamber to Study the Dynamics of Muscle Contraction Specific Molecular Interactions. Analytical Chemistry, 87, 2582-2587 (2015).


45. S. G. Ricoult, A. Sanati Nezhad, M. Knapp-Mohammady, T. E. Kennedy, and D. Juncker. Humidified Microcontact Printing of Proteins: Universal Patterning of Proteins on Both Low and High Energy Surfaces. Langmuir, 30, 12002–12010 (2014).

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40. D. Juncker, S. Bergeron, V. Laforte, and H. Li. Cross-Reactivity in Antibody Microarrays and Multiplexed Sandwich Assays: Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Multiplexing. Current Opinion In Chemical Biology, 18, 29-37 (2014).

39. S. G. Ricoult, G. Thompson-Steckel, J. P. Correia, T. E. Kennedy, and D. Juncker. Tuning Cell-Surface Affinity to Direct Cell Specific Responses to Patterned Proteins. Biomaterials, 35, 727–736 (2014).
Featured in Lab-on-a-Chip Highlights: Peter Tseng, Anja Kunze, Harsha Kittur and Dino Di Carlo. Microtechnologies for engineering the cellular environment. Lab on a Chip, 14, 1226-1229 (2014). 


33. G. Zhou, X. Mao, and D. Juncker. Immunochromatographic Assay on Thread. Analytical Chemistry, 84, 7736 - 7743 (2012).

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31. N. Pekas, Q. Zhang, and D. Juncker. Electrostatic Actuator with Liquid Metal–Elastomer Compliant Electrodes used for On-Chip Microvalving. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 22, 097001 (2012).

30. H. Li, S. Bergeron, and D. Juncker. Microarray-to-Microarray Transfer of Reagents by Snapping of Two Chips for Cross-Reactivity-Free Multiplex Immunoassays. Analytical Chemistry, 84, 4776-4783 (2012).
Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

29. S. G. Ricoult, J. S. Goldman, D. Stellwagen, D. Juncker, and T. E. Kennedy. Generation of MicroIsland Cultures using Microcontact Printing to Pattern Protein Substrates. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 208, 10 – 17 (2012)

28. M. Pla-Roca, R. F. Leulmi, S. Tourekhanova, E. Moreau, V. Laforte, S. Goselin, N. Bertos, M. Hallett, M. Park, and D. Juncker. Antibody Colocalization Microarray: A Scalable Technology for Multiplex Protein Analysis in Complex Samples. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 11, M111.011460 (2012).
Highlighted in the Montreal Gazette and syndicated in over 10 other news outlets in Canada
Also featured in online news and scientific websites including: McGill NewsroomScience DailyFuturityNanowerk, The Engineer OnlineTechnoratiFierce BiomarkersThe Times of India, and Forest Science News (in Japanese). 


22. C. M. Perrault, M. A. Qasaimeh, T. Brastaviceanu, K. Anderson, Y. Kabakibo, and D. Juncker. Integrated Microfluidic Probe Station. Review of Scientific Instruments, 81, 115107 (2010).

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See also profile on David Juncker Lab Chip, 2010, 10, 2323-2333 Emerging Investigators

20. J. Bourbeillon, S. Orchard, I. Benhar, C. Borrebaeck, A. de Daruvar, S. Dübel, R. Frank, F. Gibson, D. Gloriam, N. Haslam, T. Hiltker, I. Humphrey-Smith, M. Hust, D. Juncker, M. Koegl, Z. Konthur, B. Korn, S. Krobitsch, S. Muyldermans, P. Nygren, S. Palcy, B. Polic, H. Rodriguez, A. Sawyer, M. Schlapshy, M. Snyder, O. Stoevesandt, M. J. Taussig, M. Templin, M. Uhlen, S. van der Maarel, C. Wingren, H. Hermjakob, D. Sherman. Minimum Information About a Protein Affinity Reagent (MIAPAR). Nature Biotechnology, 28, 650-653 (2010).

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See also Lab Chip, 2010, 10, 269 - 270, research highlights


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News in A-page magazine: 'Mobile Microfluidic Probe Unleashed', Anal. Chem. 77, 2005, 59A.

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News in A-page magazine, Microfluidics Takes a Page from the Trees, Anal. Chem. 75, 2003, 14A.


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1. I. Caelen, A. Bernard, D. Juncker, B. Michel, H. Heinzelmann and E. Delamarche. Formation of Gradients of Proteins on Surfaces with Microfluidic Networks. Langmuir, 16, 9125-9130 (2001).

Book Chapters

Master & PhD Theses

13. Comparison of protein spot patterns as a function of patterning technique and substrate chemistry, Kathryn Clancy (Masters - Biomedical Engineering), 2016.

12. Novel antibody microarray technologies for multiplex protein analysis in complex samples, Huiyan Li (PhD - Biomedical Engineering), 2015.

11. Axonal Migration and Turning Investigated through Surface-bound Digital Nanodot Gradients, Sebastien Ricoult (PhD - Integrated Program in Neuroscience), 2015.

10. String microfluidics, Philippe DeCorwin-Martin (Masters - Biomedical Engineering), 2014. 

9. Rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria using a silver enhancement sandwich assay, Grant Ongo (Masters - Biomedical Engineering), 2014. 

8. Microfluidic quadrupoles and their applications in cell chemotaxis studies, Mohammad Qasaimeh (PhD - Biomedical Engineering), 2014.

7. Microfluidic capillary systems for microarraying and diagnostic applications, Hosseinali Safavieh (PhD - Biomedical Engineering), 2014.

6. Design and development of a high-throughput device to rapidly array Drosophila Melanogaster embryos, Katherine Turner (Masters - Biomedical Engineering), 2013.

5. Design and Fabrication of a Transparent Microfluidic Probe for Local Stimulation of Neurons, Adiel Mallik (Masters - Integrated Program in Neuroscience), 2013.

4. Assessment of optimization and validation of the antibody colocalization microarray, Ahmet Turkdogan (Masters - Biomedical Engineering), 2013.

3. Developing Microcontact and Nanocontact Printed Protein Techniques to Investigate Cell and Axon Migration, Sebastien Ricoult (Masters - Neurology & Neurosurgery), 2011.

2. Microfluidic probe for direct write of soft cell scaffolds, Setareh Ghorbanian-Masshadi (Masters - Biomedical Engineering), 2011.

1. Production of human Interleukin-7 in insect cells and fabrication of microfluidic systems for high throughput cell screening, Maryam Mirzaei (PhD - Biomedical Engineering), 2009.


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